Winter cleaning with high pressure washer

From the four seasons you experience in a year, the winter season is the time that you will need to use your high pressure washer more often. Winter is the most important time of the season to keep your car clean. This is essential especially if you reside in a place that gets heavy snowfall. Some may disregard cleaning their cars during the winter because they think snow will just cover it again once they use their car. For some reasons, keeping your car clean during the winter will prevent further damage to the car and keep it at its perfect outer condition. Salt and mud that are mixed on snow will severely damage car paints and will surely turn into rust if not cleaned immediately. Especially if you are living near the ocean, salt particles can easily penetrate into the car's enamel, which can cause corrosion to the metal. In colder climates, it is advisable to clean the car with the use of a high pressure washer. This reduces cleaning time, which prevents letting the water solidify while cleaning. In washing a car with a high pressure cleaner, a few basic tips are essential to ensure an effective and safe car cleaning.

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Winter high pressure washer car cleaning tips

Generally, the steps in cleaning a car with a high pressure washer are the same with any other else. However, it only differs on the type of cleaning solution used and the duration of cleaning. What we want to achieve here is to prevent low temperatures from compromising the car wash. Special shampoos that are designed for the winter season are available. It has less freezing tendencies, which makes it less likely to turn into ice once applied. Furthermore, special solutions targets salt particles in order to effectively remove harmful elements from the snow. In addition, it provides a special coating that will prevent snow from penetrating into the paint. It is also long lasting to keep your car protected at all times. For these reasons, it is important to ask the assistance of a store agent to look for the perfect cleaning solution for winter. Furthermore, talking about the high pressure washer, basic preparation is still important. Check all connections for leaks and test the pressure of the water into a surface before using it to the car. Also, check the water if ice formations are not present. The presence of ice on a pressure washer will project high velocity projectiles, which can make dents and damage car paints. Always keep a ninety-degree angle when cleaning, stand at least five feet away from the car and focus your cleaning on areas that mostly collects dirt like the bumpers, tires, and mudguards. After cleaning, make sure to completely dry the surface of the car because ice can easily build up with just a slight drop of water. Doing these for at least once, a week will ensure a good looking and damage-free car paint job. Learn to get the most of your high pressure washer through, use it at its recommended usage and always follow manufacturer's instruction during operation.